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“Safety is more than a priority, it’s a fundamental value.”

The Smoot Construction Company is firmly committed to achieving the goal of zero incidents.  We watch out for fellow teammates and for ourselves, because our lives and our livelihood depend on this team’s health and safety. We’re so intense about keeping people safe that Smoot Construction has multiple “Zero Accident & Injury” Safety Awards under our belt.

Here are the different systems we have in place to keep our people safe: 

Safety Supervisors

These are the hall monitors of the construction world – overseeing every nook and cranny of the job site to ensure everyone is abiding by our safety procedures. These Safety Supervisors go through rigorous education to learn what measures are needed for each project.

Safety Plans

We have a safety plan in place to keep our team safe, but also to keep the general public safe. Some projects fall right in the path of pedestrians, so our responsibility to the public is weighty. We take every measure to ensure our projects, company employees, vendors, and contractors are aware of and comply with our Safety Plan. We even create Site-Specific Safety Plans to leave no stone unturned.

Safety Innovation

When we had some suggestions from the field on Silica Control measures, we went the extra mile to develop our own dust containment system. This system ended up being a runner up in the “Field Innovation Award” selections for Ohio and Indiana. This dust containment system is still being used by our Self Perform employees today, and other companies are looking into adopting it themselves.

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