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Union Station


Harry Reese & Associates

Union Station Renovation

Washington, D.C.

 Originally completed in 1907, this jewel of Beaux-Arts design was facing the prospect of being torn down due to years of neglect, vandalism and failed attempts to reuse the facility following the decline of railroad travel in this country. Representing the largest public/private venture of its kind at the time, this project involved the complete restoration of this 620,000 sf national historic landmark and the construction of new commercial space.

The scope of this project included completely refurbishing the building’s marble and granite exterior, replacing the electrical and mechanical systems, and restoring the building’s architecturally intricate and ornate interior.

Visited by more than 20 million people each year, the restored facility features a public use area in the basement, new mezzanines, a nine-theater cinema complex, a food court, several restaurants and cafes, 140 retail shops, offices, and an Amtrak ticket counter and train terminal.

“The role of construction manager is never an easy one and your folks all met the challenge of protecting the owner’s interests while dealing fairly with the contractor and his subs. The job was not easy but your people met the challenge successfully working long hours and sometimes 7 days a week. On behalf of Union Station Redevelopment Corporation I would like to thank you and the members of your organization who contributed to the successful renovation and restoration of Union Station.”Union Station Redevelopment Corporation, Keith Kelly

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