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City of Toledo Collins Park PCM

Toledo, OH

Smoot Construction is a major subconsultant with the AECOM team that was selected for PCM Services by the City of Toledo, OH. Initial system upgrades will include construction of two 20-million gallon treatment basins to increase the plant capacity and provide redundancy. Currently the plant has one 80-million gallon basin and one 40-million gallon basin which operate continuously to serve system demands. The additional 20-million gallon basins will ensure system capacity is maintained during implementation of the planned treatment plant upgrades/repairs or if either existing basis is taken off line for future repair or routine maintenance. Eleven other projects will be undertaken during the first phase of the Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Program.

In total, these facility upgrades and fail-safes will require a total investment of $314M over the five-year life of the program. The program is currently underway with four projects in construction and all others are in the design phase. Working side by side with the City of Toledo, we anticipate the PCM role to expand on additional upcoming projects; to continue to serve as Construction Managers, Design Review and Site Managers on the 14+ projects under our current Program Management role.

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