Project Details


State of Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Corrections

Southern Ohio Correctional Institute

Lucasville, OH

1,200-Bed maximum security facilitv. Extensive renovation, restoration and reconstruction work completed throughout the facility heavily damaged by inmates. Restoration of L-Block to its pre-disturbance maximum security housing status. Reconstructed K-Block (K1-4) to provide tighter, higher security and disciplinary control requirements. Reconstructed of K-Block (K-5-8) to provide higher security Capabilities commensurate with Level 4 maximum security requirements. Provided adequate space within or accessible to both K-Block and L-Block and to enable separate programming, food service, recreation and visiting to occur for each cell block in smaller, more controlled groups; and provided increased security, control services, and mechanics (electronic locking devices, etc.) to support; supplement direct supervision.

Columbus - HQ

1907 Leonard Ave.

Columbus, OH 43219


2001 West 18th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46202

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