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The Ohio State University



OSU – Psychology Building

Columbus, OH

The new Psychology Building is a major asset in positioning the department as a nationally recognized leader in research, teaching and practice. The 133,963 sf, structure contains state-of-the art laboratories, a vivarium, several general-purpose classrooms, a clinical practice area, and faculty and staff office spaces. The building is joined to neighboring Lazenby Hall via a multi-level connector.

The University views this facility as a catalyst for redefining collaborative scientific research, specifically in the areas of behavioral neuroscience, cognitive/experimental psychology and clinical psychology. The building is a multidisciplinary center that supports collegiality by the creation of “low friction” connections between eight nodes of research: clinical; cognitive; counseling, developmental; MR/DD; psychobiology; quantitative; and social. The building will support new integrated discoveries in psychology, and facilitate an increase in the level of teaching and research to clinical application.

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