Project Details


Franklin County Commissioners


379,000 SF

Franklin County Jail

Columbus, OH

 Phase 1 of this new facility, currently in design development, includes 379,000 sf correctional space to house an initial 860 beds along with necessary infrastructure for not only the initial phase but as well as the two phases to succeed the initial facility that will ultimately house 2,800 offenders. The facility will be a direct supervision facility that will include those programmatic functions of administration, intake and associated medical facilities commonly associated with a jail. The development will include site infrastructure, roadways, parking and a central power plant.

Special housing for inmates with mental health and behavioral issues is included in the construction of the Phase I development. In addition, Phase I will include a medical clinic and a 300-person orientation unit. Replacing the current downtown jail, Phase I is scheduled to open in the summer of 2019. 

Columbus - HQ

1907 Leonard Ave.

Columbus, OH 43219


2001 West 18th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46202

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