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Fleet Management and Maintenance Facility


Situated on a 28-acre site in east Columbus, this complex consolidates several smaller operations charged with maintaining motorized equipment for various City departments and divisions including Police, Fire, Refuse Collection, Public Safety and Ground Maintenance.

Five pre-engineered buildings and a masonry office structure are linked together to create the 150,000 square-foot facility. In addition to administrative offices, employee break rooms, and numerous vehicle garages and maintenance shops, the complex includes a fueling station for City-owned vehicles, a wash bay able to accommodate large trucks and equipment, a vehicle staging area, lubricant and hazardous materials storage, and an equipment testing facility.

Due to the site’s urban location, the design remains sensitive to the surrounding residential community calling for extensive use of mounding and landscaping to minimize visual and noise impacts.


Project Details

City of Columbus
150,000 square feet
Services Performed
Construction Management