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Chancery for the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh

Washington, DC

Located in the International Center in northwest DC, this 46,000 square-foot facility houses diplomatic offices, an auditorium, public and private reception areas, a prayer room and below grade parking.

The facade’s design was inspired by the Southeastern Asian river delta where Bangladesh is located. The entrance features a reflecting pond and bluestone flooring to form a metaphorical bay, which is further reinforced by flanking office door plates that surround the perimeter. An inverted gabled roof replicates the water lily, the country’s national symbol. A large water trough across the center line of the roof connects the rear of the building with the front and channels rain water to the entrance reflecting pond to complete the water cycle of the river delta.


Project Details

The Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
46,000 square feet
Services Performed
General Contracting (Joint Venture Partner)