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Bean Site Upgrades Project Major General Emmett J. Bean Federal Center

The site upgrades project proposes to remove, reconfigure, and resurface the existing south and west parking lots; greater than 1,000,000 square feet of space. This project includes the installation of a storm water drainage system and landscape features such as bioswales. The main goals for this project are to address severe drainage deficiencies that are causing continued flooding and parking lot surface degradation, improve the circulation and safety for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and enhance the overall aesthetic of the parking area. This project will include phased construction; the parking lot is currently in use by approximately 4500+ tenants that work at the MGEJ Bean Center.

A more efficient parking layout will add approximately 195 spaces to the existing on-site number while decreasing the overall square footage of paved area. A City-owned lot just south of the Bean site will no longer be required to accommodate overlflow parking, thus reducing the government’s cost to maintain the lot. The construction of the new parking lots and drives will be carefully phased and coordinated to minimize tenant impacts.


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1,000,000 square feet
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