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Excellence is found in the details of every project - from design to completion, Smoot Construction knows how to execute on the time and at budget, without sacrificing quality or safety. Know our work and know our pride. Know Smoot.

Safety is Smoot Construction’s No. 1 Priority

Reccently, the firm’s Ohio office hosted a Fall Protection Training session for self-performance trade workers, laborers, carpenters, masons, operators, as well as superintendents, engineers, and project managers. The Fall Protection Training was led by American Producers. Attendees also enjoyed lunch during training and all participants received a new winter safety jacket.

For over six decades, Smoot Construction has operated with a strong set of values and moral integrity. Combined with our diverse building experience, we have established ourselves as a leader in general contracting and construction management. Safety is reflected in our values and is incorporated into every level of our organization through Smoot Safety Systems—a clear statement of the company’s safety policy and safety program objectives.

Smoot Safety Systems includes a corporate-wide initiative requiring all project supervisory and management personnel (foremen, superintendents, engineers and managers) to complete 30 hours of intensive OSHA training. Smoot Safety Systems outlines safety expectations and conduct in all company environments and also sets disciplinary actions for safety procedure violations. Smoot Safety Systems is supported by an open door policy, practiced at every level of Smoot Construction, allowing for the free exchange of information and ideas.