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Excellence is found in the details of every project - from design to completion, Smoot Construction knows how to execute on the time and at budget, without sacrificing quality or safety. Know our work and know our pride. Know Smoot.

Delivering <strong>Innovative Solutions</strong>.


At Smoot Construction, we believe the successful outcome of any project is directly related to how the project is pre-planned, in both the design and construction phases. Our team is fully involved in a project’s earliest design stages by implementing our company’s time-tested, successful processes and protocols. Our overall goal in the design phase is to develop a complete, biddable, and permittable set of design documents that is consistent with budget assumptions. Our team develops a checklist of deliverable dates, remains focused on the goal of complete bid packages, and facilitates prompt design decision-making.


Delivering Innovative Solutions.

Smoot Construction is dedicated to achieving our clients sustainability goals. Our firm has successfully delivered countless LEED certified facilities. Our LEED Accredited Professionals advise our clients through every step of the LEED certification process, including selecting the appropriate building materials — we offer sustainable solutions that meet our clients needs for their facility for decades to come.
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