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Excellence is found in the details of every project - from design to completion, Smoot Construction knows how to execute on the time and at budget, without sacrificing quality or safety. Know our work and know our pride. Know Smoot.

Correctional <strong>Experts</strong>.


Smoot Construction offers extensive experience constructing more than $1.3 billion in correctional facilities within the State of Ohio alone. We offer superior knowledge of regulatory and permit requirements, as well as outstanding long-term relationships with the most qualified local subcontractors to construct even the most complex correctional facilities.


Correctional Experts.

Modern correctional facilities require extensive experience to design and construct. Our experts know how to manage design, cost, and schedule to deliver cutting edge facilities. Working alongside our clients, we listen to their key concerns, including sightlines, inmate management and transfer, staff safety, and facility efficiency and functionality, to ensure that we deliver an end product that is safe, secure, and meets the end users' diverse needs.
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