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Excellence is found in the details of every project - from design to completion, Smoot Construction knows how to execute on the time and at budget, without sacrificing quality or safety. Know our work and know our pride. Know Smoot.

The Backbone of <strong>our Society</strong>.

Civic & Cultural

Bringing vibrancy to our cities and neighborhoods, Smoot Construction’s commercial projects are often a focal point for an entire metropolitan area. Successful commercial development requires a delicate balance of form and function as well as return on investment. Whether supporting a pro forma model or executing a project that truly reflects a client’s culture and brand, Smoot Construction understands how to exercise a critical eye towards quality while delivering lasting value.


The Backbone of our Society.

Our experts navigate project challenges with ease and foster collaboration between communities, leaders, and clients. At Smoot Construction, we have found that civic and cultural projects are most important because they serve everyone regardless of social, cultural, or economic difference.
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Civic & Cultural Projects