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Central State University Student Center Earns LEED Silver!

The Central State University Student Center, which Smoot Construction completed in 2015, has just earned LEED Silver certification.

Touted as the ‘heart of campus’ this new 88,000 square-foot facility serves the daily living needs of both residential and commuter students. The building features university administrative offices, a ballroom and conference center, a multi-purpose theater space, a bookstore and convenience store, computer labs, and a 600-seat dining facility. A few key LEED statistics include:

  • Points Achieved: 52
  • Stormwater Design: Stormwater runoff from 90% of the average annual rainfall is captured and treated to remove 80% of solids
  • Heat Island Effect: White roof and light colored hardscape greatly reduce the impacts of heat island effect
  • Potable Water Use: Reduced potable water use by 30%
  • Energy: Project achieved an energy cost savings of 24% and an Energy Use Intensity of 106, the baseline EUI was 148
  • Construction Waste: Project diverted 54% of on-site generated construction waste from landfill
  • Materials: 17% of the total building materials content used recycled materials; 21% of the total building materials were manufactured and extracted within 500 miles of the project site; all interior adhesives, sealants, paints, flooring systems and composite wood products meet the Low VOC standards set by LEED
  • Education: Implemented a green education through use of signage and graphics outlining the green features of the project
  • Exemplary Performance: Provided open space equal to twice the building footprint, which earned an extra point